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Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Beginnings

This past year had many surprises for me. Ups and downs like a roller coaster, some good, some bad, and some on even keel. I sell on line as most of you know and have 12 twelve stores. This coming New Year I am making a change. Each store had their own niche which is suppose to be a good thing. Well I must say it might be good for a little while but after a while it takes its toll.

This New Year I am letting quite a few go. I already closed up my Artfire shop, Webstore store, Ruby Plaza Store, and Ruby Lane store. My stores on ecrater will also be let go, they will be combined into possibly 3 stores as I have 7 ecrater stores. The store that I am keeping will be my etsy shop. It may cost a few dollars a month to keep up, but its worth it. I made a lot of friends in the few months that I have been selling there. I have been there since 2007 but more as a buyer, tried the selling at that time and wasn't in favor of it. Times change, people change and venues change. 

My etsy shop deals mostly with vintage clothing, accessories and possibly will be adding costume jewelry since I am thinking of closing retro glitz on ecrater. These have been tough decisions for me as I always liked the challenge, but since I have been re-thinking my act, I want some peace and rest so I can enjoy what I do  and that is selling, second best is buying. I will be be able to focus better on a few stores instead of the 12. Better listings, better pictures, more time for discussions, searching and having a life. This is going to be tough as I have these ecrater stores more than 5 years and so which ones must I let go. 

I know I will be keeping katzzkloset, Outoftheattic2u and cutsie kids. Katzzs Kloset is an all around store with a variety of products, and Cutsie Kids is just for kids and toys. So that leaves my Twice Over Books N More, Bamboo Hutch, Retro Glits, and Vintage Rose Collectibles. I already have moved some over from the glass store and the pottery store. 

The books and accessory stores are a hard one for me. On etsy it is only vintage or antiques and both these stores have newer items that are less than 20 years old and cannot be added to this venue. So it will be tough but I know in the end I will find a way and go on.

Here are some vintage clothing from my etsy store.
 Blue Velvet  Vintage Sheer Chiffon Mini Cocktail Dress 579 Shop 1970s Hugo Buscati Collection Dress / Vintage Baby Doll / Red Crushed Velvet / Mod / Party Dress

Ann Taylor/  Black Cami / Tank Top / Velvet Straps Trim / Vintage 1980s/  Size Medium 

Come and visit me and if you have any suggestions, let me know!