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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy & Blessed New Years

Just wanting to wish you all a very happy and blessed New Year. This was an eventual past year for me as I added many more websites and closed a few. I found it is best for me to have a pottery website, a glass website, a kid’s website and so on. I am very satisfied with my decision.

I also am working as a temp for the Amazon Fulfillment center in PA and find it very rewarding, yes I lost weight, gained muscle and made new friends. It’s great knowing how they get things done and it makes me a happy camper.

I've been to Florida to see my family, had a blast in the warm sunshine state and can't wait to go back. I lived there for over 34 years, moved to PA and now I am wishing to go back home. I miss the family, the sun, the warm weather as I am tired of shoveling snow and looking at gray skies daily. Yes PA is a beautiful state but I find it’s not for me.

We have been trying to sell our home for the past two years but nada, no one is moving here, can't blame them :). The timing is off for sellers, but great for buyers. We will not undersell our home; we will just stay here and possibly freeze to death (just kidding folks). I must admit the summers and spring times are the best, beautiful flowers in bloom, trees awakening from their sleep, deer getting back their beautiful coats, baby fawns with their polka dots (lil Bambi's) so cute and adorable, yes the baby black bears are cute too!

I am looking forward as to see what the Lord will do for me and my husband this year. We go to a great church and really learn the Word. This church I will definitely miss if and when we move. I am not going to make New Year’s resolutions since I never keep them anyway, but will take one day at a time, well maybe a few days at a time since I haven't really made any plans yet.

I do pray for all my friends, business acquaintances and my followers and buyers that your year will be a healthy and prosperous one.