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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

After The Storm

Well Sandy came and went thank God. It was the longest night I have faced in many years since I left Florida to live in PA. I had gone thru many hurricanes for over 35 years and went thru the storms without much fear like I had here.

I live in the higher altitude area in the mountains and am surrounded by huge trees. Its the trees that had me scared out of my wits. I have such a vivid imagination and was seeing all the tress landing on my house, crunching me in the bed in the dark of the night. We lost our electricity for 24 hours and that was a miracle in itself that we got it back so fast, yes 24 hours is fast for me. I remember in Florida that it was days before we had electric.

Well I can gladly report back to you all that not one tree fell, though it sounded like they did because of the crunching noises and howling winds. All that fell were a few small branches and that is also a miracle since at times when we had winds a lot more branches fell then what this storm did, go figure?

Now I have so many emails to catch up on and not enough time in the day since I have to clean out the refrigerator with all the bad food, than the good Lord my freezer food is intact. I do feel for the surrounding areas like NY, NJ, Staten Island as they are my close neighbors and all the damages they had and the recouping of homes, cars, boats and life in general. I have many friends and family in the states I have mentioned and I thank my God that all is well with them! My prayers go out to those that have severe damage and that they will be healed thru all this and get back all that this storm took from them and I pray that in the name of Jesus who is the God of the impossible.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Time For Me!

One of my items has been picked for a Treasury on etsy called Fall Weekend getaway.  The curator:is JoyfulMoonDesigns I am so excited to have a spot on her treasury. It makes me feel good that someone out there appreciates nice vintage clothing, well at least one of my pieces.

Here is the link in case you all are curious as to what is featured, not just mine but everyone she has picked.

Fall Weekend Get A Way I just had to share some of my good news to you my friends.

Vue Point by Jordan Vintage Classic Black Velour Bolero Jacket Size Medium
Vue Point Velvet Bolero