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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vacation Time

Yes its that time of year where we go on vacation. I am so looking forward to this time of rest. We are going back to Florida where we are from to visit our friends and family. I so pray that we can stay there. We live in a climate where it is so cold, snow, sleet and ice. The summer is wonderful though at times it is very cold and we have to put the fireplace on.
We are getting very anxious to be gone already as it is freezing here and we need to thaw out. Yes even with the fire going it is still cold and damp. Well enough of the gloom and doom. When I get back I will be adding new vintage to my websites, yes I do have a few of them as each one has its own special niche.

Check out what I have and if you see anything you may order it but please understand I will be away. We will be back on the 20th of Feb. We will see you then.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goodness time is flying by already as the end of January is approaching. I have listed more Vintage Patterns and some Linens. I love these cute craft patterns which are really easy to make and will look so sweet in your home.

Some I have yet to list but will do when I come back from vacation. Going to see some sunshine in the sunshine state of Florida. I live in PA and it is grey mostly all winter long and sometimes during the other months also. When I return I will be adding some beautiful vintage handbags for you all to look at and give input. So until then will see you all when I come back

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vintage Patterns

In the middle of last year I decided to list vintage patterns. Most of which are uncut and factory folded. The envelopes are not all perfect with some yellow with age, tears and creases but not so the patterns. Yes some of the instructions to the sewing patterns are slightly yellowed but still usable.

The patterns that I love are from the fifties, why I like that year is it was fun with all the new gadgets, changes in clothing styles yet peaceful and good clean fun. When I see the dress patterns I wish that we can turn the clock back and make them in style again. I also like the 60's and 70's fashions.

I have a few patterns from that era but am looking for more to list. Its always a challenge for me as I don't want to buy patterns that were cut and mostly from the vintage eras they are cut, torn and missing pieces. I want my customers to be the first to use the pattern and know that they are getting a good deal. Here are some of my patterns for you to look at, buy, comment on or do nothing at all.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Will Today Bring?

That is a question that needs answering. We all want to know in advance as to what the day will hold for us. I for one am wanting to do a new thing and today couldn't be a better day than to start.

I am cleaning up my websites, my blogs and yes my computer of all the stuff that is bogging it down. Sort of like a new beginning, taking out the old and adding the new. I am almost finished with my taxes (well the paper work) and will have it done early and not in April, now that is progress. After that is done I am free to get going in my new endeavors.

I am very excited to do my own blogs with an interest to you who love vintage and collectibles. I am going to research and make available to what I have found on any given subject. So this will be a new, exciting and fresh year for me and for you.

I have this cake plate and do not know much about it. Now if any one out there can help with its idenity I would be most grateful. I have it a few years and have done much research but I just can't find anything on it. I will continue to look in books, the internet and even possibly at the library, but if you know please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Years

Just wanting to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed New Year. Let this be a year of "New Things". For me I am changing the way I list my items, where I will advertise, what forum I will be involved with and hoping to make new friends.

It was a challenging past year with the ups and downs of the economy and what is in store for the future. I know we are hoping to sell our home and move back to Florida as the cold, snow and dampness is catching up to us here in PA.
I look forward in serving my old customers and my new ones.
This is short as I am not a writer, but I am going to learn as that is one of my challenges for this New Year.