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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Treasures From The Attic

I don't know about you but I love to collect and to sell. I am forever going to auctions, estate sales, garage sales, yard sales, flea markets, church sales, yard sales and wherever I can go to find a good deal.
Of course this is how I make my living, since I am a stay at home granny. Now I am not an old granny, but I am one.
I have benn collecting for over 30 years, and have been selling on a few auction sites for about 2 years now.
I finally have my own website, which my son is helping me with it, he's the brains in the family and of course he puts up with me, I think he is the only of my kids who do. I have 4 adult kids and about 7 grandkids, one son says he has a child somewhere, I wish I knew where so I could love on her.
Well back to collecting, I collect anything that doesn't walk, crawl, swim, climb or float. I do collect, depression glass, figurines, banks, collector's plates, stoneware, porcelain, bronze, silver, silver plate, tin, pewter, and very little gold (like none). I also collect woodenware, baskets, platters, bowls, enamelware, kitchenware, candle holders, and gosh I can go on forever.
Now those are some of the stuff I sell on ebay, plunderhere, auctionquest, WeBidz, zing auctions, squeaggle, blujay, outoftheattic4u (my webbie) and outoftheattic2u (my webbie) both are works in progress.
So I am a very busy granny with not enough time on my hands, and I could use a few more hands to do more multi-tasking, yeah I have more energy than a fifteen year old, don't ask me how, I just do.
Well now I am goning to list my webbies and you can come and take a look if you like, you don't have to buy just browse and put me in your favorites.
Now some of them are also a work in progress and I need to fix up the items as I have mostly the same on each auction site. I just wanted to start and then I will glean and put different items on each site so its not confusing.
So relax and take your time and enjoy the view.

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