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Friday, September 12, 2008

Vintage Music Boxes

I love vintage music boxes and some of the new ones today. I find they make great collectible gifts to give to a special person or for yourself. Music Boxes come in so many different materials. There are wooden ones, ceramic ones, glass and metal ones also.

I love anything Victorian and when I come across one I tend to keep it for myself. Its hard to give it away unless its for a dearly beloved friend.

I have a few that are also unique like a ballerina in a Wooden Jewelry Box, it is in the shape of a Log Cabin, unusual and lovely. Inside is a lovely red velvet lining
Music boxes: Beautiful music boxes sit neatly on shelves and can make excellent gifts for any occasion. For example, you might choose a music box that plays Happy Birthday as a birthday present or a music box that plays Ode to Joy as a graduation gift. Young children may appreciate a ballerina music box or snowglobe music box. From simple wooden boxes to figures on pedestals that turn as music plays, you can find Franklin Mint music boxes, Precious Moments music boxes, Reuge music boxes, and San Francisco Music Box Co. music boxes that play classical tunes such as Fur Elise, Ave Maria, Greensleeves, and the Nutcracker Suite as well as modern songs and Broadway hits from musicals such as The Phantom of the Opera.

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