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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Back From Vacation

We came home to almost 2 feet of snow and I am so glad that the guy who shovels my driveway did so. We never would have gotten the car in the driveway with all that snow. We have a steep circular drive and the middle part always get high so we park our cars at the top of both sides of it like two bookends.

We had a restful time while away at Florida only it was cold there but more sun than my state of PA. We had a great time with family and friends an am looking forward going back again in a few months, hopefully!

We passed through the states of Washington, West Va., and N & S Carolina and saw the piles of snow and prayed that we wouldn't get stuck or caught in any black ice on the way home, but we were blessed and nope, nada we didn't see any ice and the Carolina states were pretty good with not much snow. I must say that the road we traveled was quite clear and I say thank you to the states that took care of their highways, they did an awesome drive of clearing the roads.
Well its back to work, the party is over! Looking forward to new listings that are in the makings.

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