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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Vintage Village Interview

The Vintage Village Interview
With Lora

I decided to do an interview on one of the nings I belong to and one I so dearly love. The Vintage Village is one that gets to your heart. Lora who is the originator has a heart and a passion for vintage, and for all of us sellers who belong there. She is always looking for ideas on how to promote the sellers and The Vintage Village so that we all can be seen and our businesses grow along with her. She herself does has a website on Etsy and I would appreciate you all for visiting her and signing up to become a member of;
The Vintage Village.

Please visit Lora’s website here

Q1. What inspired you the most to start The Vintage Village?

A1. Long Story... lol! I was selling Crafts on Etsy and sort of “fell” into selling vintage after closing up the home of a 100 year old relative, Elsie... the namesake of my shop on Etsy. I became bitten with the Vintage Bug and never looked back!!!

Shortly after opening my Vintage shop, ElsiesAttic.... Etsy went through a rough patch trying to decide if Vintage was going to stay as part of their site since it was a site dedicated to Handmade.

When we all thought we might get the boot off Etsy, I decided to begin a social site for us on Ning. I was running a social site for writers on Ning at the time and thought it would be a great platform for us Vintage folks as well.

I really just wanted a place for us to get together and figure out what we were going to do with ourselves next. I was hoping to unite the Vintage community on Etsy, which was going through some hard times. Folks began joining right away, spread the word and it just sort of took on a life of it's own. The community grew and grew and every new member had something to add and it just snow balled into what it is today... :)

Q2. How did you come up with the name The Vintage Village?

A2. It was easy... :) We were Vintage folk and I was trying to create a sort of home for us all and said to myself I want to create a virtual Village!! Waalaa!!!

Q3.What do you enjoy most about what you do?

A3. Wow... I have to say it's the interaction with the members that just drives everything I do. I simply love the people there. The friendships I have formed and the lives that have entered MY life have given me so many riches that I can't even begin to express it. Second to that is the knowledge aspect... I LOVE finding some new little nugget of info... it just thrills me to death!

Q4.What do you enjoy least about what you do?

A4. OY! The record keeping!!!

Q5. What are your goals for The Vintage Village and where would you like to see it in the next few years?

A5. Well, I really just want to see the community grow more than anything else cause that is what the original idea was. I want us to become the “Got To” place for anything related to Vintage. It's a lofty goal and one that will take years to establish but with everyone pitching in and adding what they know and helping each other, I think we can do it. We have already accomplished so much since we began that it just floors me when I look back at it all.

A little sampling of Elsie's Attic Website


Lora said...

Thanks so much for posting this ... :)

Everyone who has pitched in to spread the word and has added their own unique stamp to our site should be proud of our little Village!!!

Lora :)

Pam said...

A great interview with a wonderful person:) Well done!

Pam (A happy member of Vintage Village:))

High Desert Rose said...

I love the Vintage Village! If you don't know who we are check us out!

Thanks for a great article showcasing a special lady and a special place.