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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pierre The Poodle

I had an interesting week from Aug 8 to Aug 17. I was puppy sitting my Pastor's poodle while he went to celebrate his grand kids birthdays in Tulsa. I was given the privilege to puppy sit. It actually blessed my socks off. Pierre and I got along so well together. He sat on my lap most of the day and if not he and I was playing with his toys or he was chewing on my arms, fingers and toes.
We went for walks and he chased butterfly's, scared the deer, squirrels and other dogs away with his scary bark and growl. He was a good watch puppy dog. He loved to go and visit the neighbors who of course adored him, petted him and kissed him. Spoiled is not the word for this pup.
His personality is one of the best pups I know that is sweet, loving and very playful. Of course we became one with the hip, which brought back memories of when my kids were babes and they were always sitting on my hip. Now this pup had his own bed but I think he forgot that it was there cause he slept on my bed snuggled either in the crook of my back legs or in the crook of my belly. It was hard for me to turn cause whenever I did he just moved back into his position again.
He loved to look out the window and watch the birds which he never barked at, only the deer and other furry animals. My neighbor has an Akita who just looked at him as if to say "Yeah come on, make my day" Pierre would bark and growl at him and he just looked at him, probably thinking go away you are giving me a headache.
When it was time for him to go back home I was very saddened as I became so use to him being on my lap and of course not doing any work whatsoever, who had the time. He didn't like when I was tapping on the keys of my computer, he would get upset and look at me with those big eyes and I would have to stop. Well he has been gone now two days and I still have withdrawal symptoms, but no I won't get a pup cause I need to have a life. Though I would keep Pierre in a heartbeat if he was offered to me! Now cats are easier to take care of since they are finicky and really take care of themselves, but the hubby says no. But who knows maybe someday.


Deborah said... sweet. I know the feeling of getting close to someones dog. Sounds like you two had a great time and I bet Pierre misses you too.

out-of-the-attic-2u Store said...

Thanks and yes I do miss him but I get to see him every so often!