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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Many Colors of Fall!

Yes its that time of year where you will see all the gorgeous colors of fall. One thing about living in the mountains is you get a real eyeful. Yellow Oaks, Red Oaks and so many more different trees. Of course I don't know the names of the trees just a few of them, but they are all so beautiful and colorful.

Indiana Egg Plate

Amber is a lovely color like this plate from the Indiana Glass Co.

This is the best time of the year to drive along the riverbanks, highways, streams and bridges just to look at the magnigficant colors. They come fast and go fast and once they are gone you know its winter. But I want to think about the Autumn because of the colors and what I like most.

Rose Bundt Cake Pan

Look at this beautiful red in the Rose Cake Pan this is seen on so many of the trees here!

The fun part (not really) is raking or even diving into the piles which the kids like to do. Thousands and thousands of leaves. What do I so with them? glad you asked, we blow them back into the woods where they will compost into the ground sort of like giving them back to nourish the earth!

Autumn Leaves

Now is the time to make Pumpkin Pies and Hot Apple Cider for those cool nights, and of course this is a lovely color color Pumpkin though it is a lighter shade it is still a lovely hue of orange!

Salt & Pepper Shakers
This is just a small sample of our Autumn here in Pennsylvania and it lasts for just a few short weeks and then the Snow comes! Later for that please :)


Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

We do the same thing with our leaves, they make wonderful compost. Love all of the autumn inspired colors here! I'm over the "hottest summer on record". And last year winter came early. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a nice long, colorful autumn :)

Gale said...

Fall is fun to decorate for, isn't it?

Leaves havent' changed out here in Texas yet, but I'm enjoying the cooler (like cooler than 100 degrees) weather.

I was stopping by to thank you for being a follower at my Scribbleprints blog and invite you to a Blog Party I'm having with some fun games and giveaways.