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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

I want to thank all the men and woman who have served us with their lives and for standing up and being counted for serving our United States of America.

 You all deserve more than a day. You have blessed us with your dedication, your lives and your families for the services you have performed for this country. I pray that God continues to shine His face down upon you all and to give you peace and comfort in the dark nights and lonely days. He is your comforter and your peace, look to Him for His watch care over you.

I also pray that the men and woman who dies for and keeps us free that their names never be forgotten, they are heroes everyone of them.
Thank you to all the Soldiers who have served this country from the beginning of time to this present day. Thank you for your dedication, your lives and all that you have done , are doing and will do for our freedom.

God Bless You and America.

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