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Sunday, October 23, 2011

October Is Almost Over!

Gosh where did it go? I can't believe that it’s almost the end of October, it has come and it’s almost gone. The trees did not have much of a spectacular color this year it seems they faded out so fast. Probably due to all the rain we had this summer and the beginning of fall. It’s been quite hectic for me as I am working full time at a very busy place and by the time I come home I am too tired to list my beautiful vintage items.

I did open two more websites, one on Ruby Plaza and the other Ruby Lane which are both different in products but the same name! One is all about vintage and almost vintage woman's clothing and the other is vintage glass, china and more! I am trying to get ready for the upcoming Holidays but I know they will be gone before I know it and I will be months behind in catching up. Is that what life is all about, catching up? Nah it’s me lagging behind :0). All kidding aside I am anxious to list, blog, chat and have some free time to do what I love best and that is going to live auctions, estate sales and flea markets.

Then I love to do research on what I bought and of course list and present to you what great finds I found for your collections. I did need to write a few words on my blog as I have been lagging behind on this also, so now it’s time for me to list what I have for you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family and may you receive all the wonderful and joyful blessings God has for you!

Canonsburg Egg Plate

LE Smith Candy Dish


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I can't believe it's the end of of October either! Thanksgiving is here and I can't wait! xoxoxoo

Bridgette Sundell said...

Well, It's not the end of October when I read this post but it's merely a month of Christmas. .It's a month of giving LOVE LOVE LOVE!! It's December!!! I wanna have that Canonsburg egg plate too! The last time I bought my antique was at It is an antique mirror. I'm a collector of antiques and I appreciate your post! Nice! =)