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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chill in the Air

Well it is now Sept 5Th and it rained today but after it stopped there was a chill in the air. Here in PA it gets cooler earlier, warm days and cool nights and is refreshing after a hot summer, with windows opened, fans on (no air conditioner here) and drinking ice cool water.

Well now it is cooler and the windows are closed and drinking hot coffee instead of the cool water. I love the changing of the seasons, the beautiful colors of the falling leaves, and the noisy of the  katydid and crickets moving out and being quiet, of course I will miss the chirping birds (except the crows) as they sang such beautiful songs.

The school bells ringing ( probably the kids aren't singing) the pool will be officially closed by the end of the week and the deer will be losing their beautiful coats as they get ready for their heavier ones. The Bambi's have grown, some still have their spots and still are so cute. They sometimes sleep in my yard and I get to see them romper and play while mom rests. It's such a beautiful thing!

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This is also a time for change of clothes as the weather is getting cooler, jackets, corduroys suede's and other heavier materials to change to. I love the boots and the velvet jackets, shawls and vests that look so cool in the fall.
I have a few listed in my stores and I sell woman's vintage clothing, shoes and purses . So come and see what I am doing at my web-stores and if you are looking for anything special, just ask. I just might have it or I can find it for you!

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