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Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Will Today Bring?

That is a question that needs answering. We all want to know in advance as to what the day will hold for us. I for one am wanting to do a new thing and today couldn't be a better day than to start.

I am cleaning up my websites, my blogs and yes my computer of all the stuff that is bogging it down. Sort of like a new beginning, taking out the old and adding the new. I am almost finished with my taxes (well the paper work) and will have it done early and not in April, now that is progress. After that is done I am free to get going in my new endeavors.

I am very excited to do my own blogs with an interest to you who love vintage and collectibles. I am going to research and make available to what I have found on any given subject. So this will be a new, exciting and fresh year for me and for you.

I have this cake plate and do not know much about it. Now if any one out there can help with its idenity I would be most grateful. I have it a few years and have done much research but I just can't find anything on it. I will continue to look in books, the internet and even possibly at the library, but if you know please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

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