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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vintage Patterns

In the middle of last year I decided to list vintage patterns. Most of which are uncut and factory folded. The envelopes are not all perfect with some yellow with age, tears and creases but not so the patterns. Yes some of the instructions to the sewing patterns are slightly yellowed but still usable.

The patterns that I love are from the fifties, why I like that year is it was fun with all the new gadgets, changes in clothing styles yet peaceful and good clean fun. When I see the dress patterns I wish that we can turn the clock back and make them in style again. I also like the 60's and 70's fashions.

I have a few patterns from that era but am looking for more to list. Its always a challenge for me as I don't want to buy patterns that were cut and mostly from the vintage eras they are cut, torn and missing pieces. I want my customers to be the first to use the pattern and know that they are getting a good deal. Here are some of my patterns for you to look at, buy, comment on or do nothing at all.

1 comment:

Kesenya said...

Ooooo I have the pants and skirt pattern myself ( and use it all the time) and I adore the pretty yellow sundress pattern....just lovely !! XX