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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sept 13 New Beginnings

Well my husband came home today and not as his usual self. He prepared to tell me that he got laid off from his job of 8 years. Now I am not crying the blues to anyone since I just wanted to share how they did it to him.

He was a deli manager for the grocery store and worked very hard there for 8 years. He gave his all to his job, never took off, went in on the snow days, all of them even when I begged him not to. He had to do inventory every month, do 3 truck deliveries a week, make the chickens, salads sandwiches with hardly no help as the boss kept cutting the help down to a mere minimum.

The hub had to go in on his days off cause there was no one working when someone called out sick. He went in even when he said no. He would call back and say okay. He was loyal and dedicated to his boss.

Well today the boss (smaller boss) gave him the news that they had to let him go. They recently closed down 2 stores and this last store the manager had no place to go so the (big boss) gave him my husbands job. No 2 weeks notice, no severance pay, no how by you. Just a sorry but I have to do this. Now I must tell you my husband is not a young man, he is 77 and worked hard every day 5 days a week, he put many young men to shame by the way he worked. 

This boss always wanted his employees to give him 2 weeks notice but he never did anything like that for his employees. He just fired them without so much as a notice. Well he did the same to my hubby who was so hurt by this. His (smaller boss) did shed tears as he didn't want to lose him nor let him go this way, but he had to do what was told to him after all he could lose his job also.

My husband was just so hurt by the way they did this to him. Its not the losing of the job but the way he was treated. He puts his hope and trust in God not man and will not worry for lack of monies cause he believes as well as I that God will take care of our needs, He will provide.

I just wanted to share this with you my readers to let you know that anything can happen in todays world, so take care of yourselves, put as much money away as you are able to and trust in the Lord with all your hear and lean not on your own understanding. Our God can do all things that are possible for Him for us!

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