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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

Well it finally hit home that it is spring. I saw my first wasp yesterday and know the battle is yet to begun! Yep those pesky buggers are all around, like where in the world do they go to keep warm in the freezing winter and then to show their lovely stingers bright and early in the morning?
So I got my cans ready for the war on the wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. I must be real sweet as they like to hang around me and my home. Someday I will be an over comer. Gee I wonder if they have a 12 Step program for fear of bees.
Any ways I am so excited to see the sun and get out there and do what I do best, "Look for that one-of-a-kind eclectic item for you. Here in PA there are more garage sales than food stores, really I am not kidding. I guess people accumulate so much stuff during the winter months, by the time spring rolls around they want it out of the house, and that makes me a happier garage saler!
Now I will be able to go to the auctions again, the estate sales and more, oh and of course on Saturdays I am selling at the flea market, yes 7th heaven. I am looking forward for all the great finds I can fine, some for me and some for you! Aren't I nice?
Here are a few more patterns that I really like.

You can visit me here to check out my patterns.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, friendly and informative Blog!

Thank you for sharing!

P.S....I hate bees, too! I appreciate their work, but wish they wouldn't get so friendly!! :)

My Book Barn said...

Great patterns! I especially love the McCalls Time Out pattern! So cute!

Lora said...

Love them... :)